Registration and General Information

Welcome to the National Defense University (NDU) Reserve Component National Security Course (RCNSC) held at Fort Lesley McNair, Washington D.C.  Your course includes a distinguished group of speakers from the the College of International Security Affairs (CISA), the National War College, the Eisenhower School for National Security and Resource Strategy, guest speakers, and other NDU components. You will enjoy a fast paced two week schedule filled with nationally renowned lecturers and seminar leaders. The course culminates with a group strategic gaming exercise that will incorporate your new national security strategy skills.

Registration Information:

  • Military Registration – Reserve component servicemembers are nominated by their service. RCNSC uses the lists provided by the various Reserve Components.

Apply through your Service POC →

  • Interagency Registration – A limited number of seats are reserved for U.S. Interagency Professionals (GS-13 and above) to participate in the Reserve Component National Security Course. In order to obtain a seat quota, your agency must have a standing support agreement with NDU to attend the course. Agencies are responsible for all transportation, meals, and lodging expenses for their employees. For more information on Interagency quotas or establishing a support agreement, please contact Col Magdalena Sunderhaus

Course Attire: Business Professional:    The attire for the course is coat and tie for men, appropriate business wear for women (suits). Please do NOT wear tennis shoes or another casual footwear. Women need at least one coat / blazer for Capitol Hill Day (no sleeveless dresses on the Hill).

Outside Meetings / Activities: We have a full schedule and require your full attention, so please do NOT schedule any outside meetings or activities during the course, including conference calls.

NDU Code of Conduct: All students attending NDU, including RCNSC students, are required to follow the Code of Conduct. The Code states:  To advance the mission of educating, developing, and inspiring National Security Leaders, we must continually create and maintain an academic environment founded in a community of trust that demands excellence in professional conduct and ethical standards.  Students must adhere to the highest standards of honor.  Specifically, students will not lie, cheat, steal or otherwise behave in any way that discredits themselves or impugns on the reputation of their fellow students at National Defense University.  Failure to follow these standards may result in administrative action, including dismissal from the University in accordance with 5.12.

Make sure to read the FAQs page closely. Usually, all the student questions are answered there. If you choose to call or email, we will attempt to respond within five days.