Student and Seminar Leader Selection Criteria

Student Selection Criteria

RCNSC is not open to the general public.

All interested students (U.S. military, government, Foreign Military) please visit the student point of contact page to apply.

  • Senior Officers (O-4 and above), Senior NCOs (E-8 & E-9), Senior Warrant Officers (CW03-CW05), and Civilians (GS-13 and above)
  • Servicemembers apply to respective military service POCs for date desired
  • Servicemembers who have attended previous RCNSC are not eligible
  • Servicemembers are selected by respective service process.  This includes demonstrated potential for positions with increased management and leadership responsibility
  • Foreign Students: In addition to the above criteria, foreign students must be nominated by your country’s defense establishment to the U.S. Defense Security Assistance Agency.  Please see the Foreign Military International Student Management Office point of contact on student point of contact page to apply.
  • US Interagency Professionals (GS-13 and above). Interagencies are required to have a signed support agreement with NDU before participation.  Please visit the student point of contact page to apply.  Approved Interagency professionals must provide written documentation with permission to attend from their interagency supervisor.
  • RCNSC students are funded through their respective service or agency.  NDU does NOT fund students to attend the course.
  • All students must be in an approved status before attending.

Seminar Leader Selection Instructions

  • All Seminar Leaders must be graduates of the RCNSC seminar. Seminar Leaders are military officers holding the rank of O5-O6 or Senior NCOs (E-8 & E-9) who are currently serving in the Guard or Reserve. Seminar Leaders must be an active drilling Guard or Reserve member, this includes VTU status.
  • Applications are on link below.  After applying, select candidates will be contacted for interviews.

Click here for RCNSC SL Application →

Please sign and email the application to course director.