Point of Contact for Students

To apply for student enrollment in RCNSC, please apply through the appropriate point of contact below:

Army Reserve

Mr. Russell Guzman
COM:  russell.g.guzman.civ@mail.mil
Team Contact usarmy.knox.hrc.mbx.opmd-ldd-military-schools@mail.mil
COM: (502) 613-9035

Army National Guard

 Mr. James Fritschi
COM: (703) 607-7337/DSN: 327-7337     James.J.Fritschi.ctr@mail.mil
 MAJ Erik Bauer
 COM: (703) 601-7066/DSN: 327-8266   erik.j.bauer.mil@army.mil           

Navy Reserve

 LT Marc D. Oswald 
COM: (757) 322-6595   marc.d.oswald@navy.mil

Coast Guard

LT Samantha Maxwell
COM: (202) 475-5039    Samantha.M.Maxwell@uscg.mil

Air Force Reserve

CMSgt Darin Thomas (Enlisted POC)
Comm: 478-327-0252 DSN: 497-0252 darin.thomas.1@us.af.mil

Mr. Michael Jackson (Officer POC)
Comm: 478-327-1291 DSN:  497-1291 michael.jackson.96@us.af.mil
Org Box Email: afrc.a1kO@us.af.mil

Air National Guard

COMM: (240) 612-9528, DSN: 612-612-9528 

Org Box: NGB.HR.ANG.Force.Development.Org@us.af.mil

Foreign Military

International applicants should reach out to the Security Cooperation Office in the home embassy if you are interested in attending the Reserve Component National Security Course.

International Student Management Office – National Defense University

 Additional questions email: ISMO@ndu.edu

U.S. Government Interagency

Colonel Magdalena Sunderhaus, USAFR