Pre-Course Assignment

Reserve Component National Security Course

Write a paper answering the questions below.

The paper should be 450-500 words, typed (not handwritten), double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, with 1-inch margins, and headings and subheadings where appropriate. You will submit a hard or soft copy of your paper to your Seminar Leader no later than 0900 on the second day of the course. 

Please adhere to the NDU Academic and Plagiarism policies. Plagiarism and Academic Misconduct may result in a student being disenrolled from NDU. 

Please follow the CISA Style Guide if you are citing sources.

Papers are graded Pass / Fail. 

Your paper should be an essay that represents original critical thinking and not just recitation of fact. Evaluation of the paper will be based on both (a) composition (organization, clarity of expression, and proper grammar) and (b) originality of thought, the coherence and persuasiveness of your position, and how well you address arguments that would challenge your case.

There is no “RCNSC solution” or answer to any of these questions. The paper’s evaluation will depend on the objective you state in the paper and how well you support it. This writing exercise should provide an opportunity for you to develop and strengthen your skills as a critical thinker.

Essay Topic (Answer the Questions Below):

What or who (state or non-state actor/problem set/domain/ issue) do you believe to be the most important threat to global security and why? Which instrument(s) of power (Diplomatic, Informational, Military, or Economic) do you consider the most important "strategic means" for addressing this threat? How is the threat currently being addressed, is the current strategy effective? What objectives and actions do you recommend in order to effectively counter this threat? What strategic role should the U.S. (or your country) play in addressing this threat?