Strategic Policy Exercise

“The world is changing. We’re at a significant inflection point in world history. And our country and the world—the United States of America has always been able to chart the future in times of great change. We’ve been able to constantly renew ourselves. And time and again, we’ve proven there’s not a single thing we cannot do as a nation when we do it together—and I mean that—not a single solitary thing.”

Excerpt from 2022 National Security Strategy

About the Exercise

The National Security Policy Exercise offers a ‘hands-on’ introduction to national security policy and strategy formulation. The policy formulation is complex because it requires identifying and prioritizing U.S. interests, evaluating threats to these interests, and identifying U.S. goals and desired outcomes.

Strategy development is the process of orchestrating the instruments of national power to cart an implantable plan to achieve policy goals.

  • Assess a security challenge to U.S. national interests.
  • Determine appropriate U.S. policy to protect our interests.
  • Develop a policy consensus that considers key concerns of players from the Interagency community.
  • Consider opportunities and limitations imposed by interests and capabilities of other states, international organizations, and U.S. domestic concerns.
  • Create a strategy drawing on the instruments of national power to achieve policy goals.